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Load securing

Belt fitting
Prod. ID: 515016005
Bow pocket
Prod. ID: 515015986
Anchor profile 3000 mm
Prod. ID: 840202431
Non-slip mat 1360x120
Prod. ID: 515039029
Non-slip mat 1070x130x8
Prod. ID: 515037797
Fastening lashing strap
Prod. ID: 515040295
Combined lashing rail steel
Prod. ID: 500705411
Bush steel
Prod. ID: 515012186
Double deck loading bar
Prod. ID: 505822397
Plugin post Multisteel
Prod. ID: 515021636
Plugin post Multisteel
Prod. ID: 515022556
Plugin post Multisteel front w.clamp lev
Prod. ID: 515022707