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Spare wheel brackets

Fastening element
Prod. ID: 500572526
Fastening element M20 (378 mm)
Prod. ID: 505365583
Fastening element M20 (170 mm)
Prod. ID: 500572501
Bolt for clamping element
Prod. ID: 515023547
Spare wheel bracket
Prod. ID: 505365587
Eccentric lock galvanised
Prod. ID: 505817887
Handle with tie rod
Prod. ID: 500562615
Prod. ID: 500623203
Prod. ID: 500623204
Chain 5x21 mm
Prod. ID: 505818609
Bracket for winch
Prod. ID: 505365592
Lamellar plug
Prod. ID: 505820373