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Electronics / cabling

ABS receptacle
Prod. ID: 505807882
Adapter cable
Prod. ID: 550000168
Adapter cable
Prod. ID: 550000169
Adapter cable
Prod. ID: 550000170
Starting aid cable 6 m
Prod. ID: 515004985
Connecting cable
Prod. ID: 505817493
Connecting cable x1 0,5+6+12m
Prod. ID: 505816587
Connecting cable x1 0,5+6+12m
Prod. ID: 505822188
Connecting cable x 2-9 m
Prod. ID: 515026902
Automatic lift axle valve
Prod. ID: 505810401
Connecting plug BBVA/EBS
Prod. ID: 515029019
Adapter cable BBVA/EBS
Prod. ID: 515029018