Valves / couplings

3/2-way valve with nut 26x1,5
Prod. ID: 505810843
3/2-way magnet valve
Prod. ID: 500945406
3/2-way valve DN2,5
Prod. ID: 515015279
3/2-way valve DN2,5 02VG03NCB5
Prod. ID: 515065167
3/2-way valve with notch
Prod. ID: 505809498
5/3-way valve 1/8"
Prod. ID: 515015278
5/3-way valve 1/8" P 532 501-TT
Prod. ID: 515065166
ABS pressure control valve
Prod. ID: 550016640
Brake regulator load-depend.autom.
Prod. ID: 505811045
Brake valve
Prod. ID: 505816897
Brake valve
Prod. ID: 505870375
Brake valve
Prod. ID: 505810606
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