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KRONE has been offering a wide range of professional solutions for several years; among them, solutions in the field of Spare Parts Service
supported by the inhouse specialists of KRONE Trailer Spare Parts.

With the KRONE Spare Parts Shop KRONE offers another solution to make your Spare Parts replacements as fast as possible. The solution
is completed by the KRONE Spare Parts Catalog for you to find vehicle-specific spare parts, just the ones originally built in into your vehicle.
Carries have a high range of everyday challenges to master and therefore high requirements for quality, reliability and the care of the vehicle
manufacturer and his products and services. One of the most important business objectives of KRONE is to address these high requirements.
Service is not just a keyword to be addressed in standard – by KRONE service is seen as an obligation and does not end at the plant gate.
For this reason, the needs, wishes and aims of our customers are central for our staff members, to find the best solutions possible and to be
able to react to actual developments to fulfill the customer’s needs in the most up to date manner possible.
The range of goods in the field of spare parts is extensive, the parts are tailored and the quickest possible and most reliable delivery is secured.

Online at krone-trailerparts.com, via Email: ersatzteile.nfz@krone.de, or via 0049/ 5951/ 209 302,

as your personal contact, the KRONE Spare Parts Team, will continue to be addressable via telephone.


   Ralf Faust: Geschäftsführer Telematics & Services