Krone Services standard means our customer’s satisfaction

Thus, KRONE goes for optimisation in all service areas. We keep available the desired spare parts in our international storage locations and in our new central storage depot in Herzlake, Emsland. Recently all spare parts for all products of brands KRONE, Brüggen and Gigant are stored on 38.000 square meters hall with an 8.500 square meters surface area.

For years Krone provides professional solutions, so for its Spare Parts Service, your specialist for KRONE Trailer Spare Parts. With our global Spare Parts Service team we constantly try to ensure a trouble-free flow of customers spare parts orders and to deliver these products to our customers reliably, safely and „just in time“. Our challenge is to provide the best possible spare parts service.

KRONE Service is responsible for all questions regarding spare parts and is available for you personally, by telephone as well as online. Krone Spare Parts Shop is also online. Besides accessories, which can be assembled in every trailer, this hybride online shop also offers vehicle-specific catalogue. You can view here parts on pictures or drawings. Innovative is the online shop entry via QR code scan. You can find a QR code, which is located on each trailer’s specification plate and simply scan it with your tablet or smartphone. If you are already logged in to the online shop, you will be routed to your desired vehicle catalogue. This way our customers stay mobile and are able to order Krone spare parts online directly next to their vehicle.

Our product range of spare parts is extensive, assembling components are made-to-order and as fast as can be and reliable delivery of these parts will be ensured.

Your KRONE Spare Parts Team is still available for you by telephone: +49 5951 209-302