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Roller door

Cover profile with sealing above
Prod. ID: 550016890
Floor double hose seal 2700 mm
Prod. ID: 550017684
Bolt w.securing clip f.support cable
Prod. ID: 550015855
Sealing profile lateral 2700 mm
Prod. ID: 550016888
Sealing profile lower 2700 mm
Prod. ID: 550016889
Prod. ID: 550015238
Adjuster SB26070
Prod. ID: 550016333
Handle Siebau Cargo gate SB10092
Prod. ID: 550016861
Supporting loop over 2400 mm
Prod. ID: 550016148
Roller Siebau Cargo Tor SB13297
Prod. ID: 550015237
Roller Siebau Cargo Tor SB13303
Prod. ID: 550016496
Nylon step roller
Prod. ID: 550017279