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Centre posts

Kit post telescope
Prod. ID: 505814006
Bow pocket left
Prod. ID: 550018850
Spring f.internal mechanism
Prod. ID: 505870245
Sping 450 stroke
Prod. ID: 505820852
Gas spring 400 stoke/200N
Prod. ID: 505870183
Retaining spring
Prod. ID: 550015097
Hand lever Kinnegrip
Prod. ID: 505870685
Lug middle post height adjustment
Prod. ID: 550016845
Roller for middle post
Prod. ID: 505821343
Bow pocket bracket C10-2 left
Prod. ID: 515066494
Roof bow pocket bracket C10-2 right
Prod. ID: 515066495
Prod. ID: 550015096