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Container door, aluminium

Sealing front wall
Prod. ID: 550015584
Door sealing
Prod. ID: 550000135
Door sealing
Prod. ID: 550000136
Floating bearing/hinge
Prod. ID: 505870500
Hand lever arrestable
Prod. ID: 505243313
Adhesive strip
Prod. ID: 731317001
Door sealing
Prod. ID: 550000131
Assembly alu door wing left
Prod. ID: 515029773
Assembly alu door wing right
Prod. ID: 515029774
Door profile inner right
Prod. ID: 840306693
Alu door profle inner right 3175 mm
Prod. ID: 816021892
Alu door profle middle 3175 mm
Prod. ID: 840306685