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Depot for 18 wooden laths
Prod. ID: 505363285
Fall arrester for post depot
Prod. ID: 515051052
Bracket shim wedge plastic
Prod. ID: 515011845
Laths depot 20 wooden/16 alu
Prod. ID: 505365257
Side post depot for 12 plugin posts
Prod. ID: 505367124
Laths depot
Prod. ID: 505365258
Round steel galvanized
Prod. ID: 505352480
Accessories fire extinguisher box
Prod. ID: 515071791
Drop-side depot
Prod. ID: 515024177
Drop-side depot left
Prod. ID: 515024175
Drop-side depot right
Prod. ID: 515024176
Cover for post depot
Prod. ID: 550015137