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Other parts

Cover hood for module rear lamp
Prod. ID: 515035742
Cover hood for switch Easy Tarp left
Prod. ID: 515027664
Cover hood for switch Easy Tarp right
Prod. ID: 515027663
Cover hood complete
Prod. ID: 550015295
Connecting element
Prod. ID: 550015275
Socket wrench for locking
Prod. ID: 515010332
End bracket
Prod. ID: 550015311
End profile below sidewall alu 3500 mm
Prod. ID: 505870137
Aluminium panel
Prod. ID: 550015185
Side guard for locking
Prod. ID: 505816995
Prod. ID: 505253048
Stop bolt L3 front wall
Prod. ID: 515002618