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Seal with 3 lips 2,7 m IFRX0109
Prod. ID: 550000812
Adapter galvanized
Prod. ID: 505413114
Axial fan 12V incl.mounting kit
Prod. ID: 505821637
Fastening bolt Ø 8
Prod. ID: 505820399
Prod. ID: 505414599
Bolt M12x83
Prod. ID: 515023785
Brake block f.separ.wall locking
Prod. ID: 505414550
Sealing f.separat.wall (round)
Prod. ID: 550016195
Pressure spring
Prod. ID: 505821622
Pressure spring
Prod. ID: 505821882
Eccentric for separating wall
Prod. ID: 515050978
Guide lever
Prod. ID: 515025687