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Roof frame

Positioning bolt
Prod. ID: 505812029
Soft top; A130 1.1 lifting bracket
Prod. ID: 515079697
Latching rear Autocar Topline
Prod. ID: 550016312
Latching front Autocar Topline
Prod. ID: 515045515
Cantilever arm left
Prod. ID: 550000938
Cantilever arm right with post pocket
Prod. ID: 550000939
Prod. ID: 500702214
Autoar Topline 1.cross bow
Prod. ID: 515044005
Soft top; A130 1.1 end run unit
Prod. ID: 515079696
Autoar Topline cross bow
Prod. ID: 515044003
Mounting rope first bow
Prod. ID: 515019310
Brushes seal
Prod. ID: 505250212